Mrs. Martin with student

Elinor Martin

Elinor Martin vs. Tommy Wong
(sounds like a boxing match!)

I knew you were the perfect piano instructor for Thomas when he kicked your piano after flubbing the same piece repeatedly at one of your lessons and you did not hand him a clarinet and then direct him to your front door.

You have made such a difference in Thomas' life and ours as well. It was a pleasure to listen to him practicing the pieces you selected for him. You always knew which piece to have him play to move him forward with interest and excitement. Thomas loved being with you.

During his last year or so at Westlake High, the question came up between AP classes, Honors classes, the SAT and college applications, whether there was enough time to also continue with piano while also taking private saxophone lessons. You may recall he was also in Tae Kwan Do, water polo, marching band playing alto saxophone and also the sax-playing piano player for the swing-era music played by his private band, The Bluez Boyz. I believe he was adamant in completing his studies with you because of his devotion not only to the music but to you.

I want you to know I have lost count how many times I have watched the video of Thomas and Haeley playing "Super Chopsticks" at the Westlake High talent show. That was so fun to watch. It has been an amazing journey with his music and something Thomas will always have in his life because of you.

Jeanette and I know there are other piano instructors in the Conejo Valley, but you were perfect for Thomas and we will forever be in debt to you.

Tom and Jeanette Wong

Dear Elinor,

Without a doubt, your patience, understanding and willingness to meet Haeley's needs truely motivated her to grow, appreciate music, and express herself with her piano in the 14 years she was with the Elinor Martin Piano Studio. Your ability to focus on her and "read her" each week kept her motivated, and was a large contributor to her selection of music education for her college major earning her a music scholarship and acceptance into the college of her choice. She always rose to the occasion for you, and the regular recitals made it easy for her to be on stage, performing with grace and ease. I might add, that our family always enjoyed the recitals, as each musician was able to shine and perform at their best. We sincerely thank you for all you invested in our daughter, Haeley Moore, through all these years. We would heartily recommend you to any one.

John & Shelley Moore

My two boys have been learning piano from Mrs. Martin for about 8 years. She has been a wonderful piano teacher, very patient and always encourages them to do their best. We are very pleased with the way she teaches.

Mrs. Martin is very knowledgeable in her profession. She teaches a wide variety of music to my boys. She uses different teaching techniques to help the boys to master difficult music pieces. She prepared them well for the annual Certificate of Merit tests and the Piano Guild. Under her instruction, both boys have performed in many Contemporary festivals, Bach festivals and recently, the Youtube Festimantic festival, and have represented her studio in the CM convention.

My boys enjoyed learning music from her and respect her greatly for her ability to teach and make music interesting. We are truly fortunate to have her teach our boys, and will gladly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a committed piano teacher.

M. Too

Mrs Martin has been teaching my kids for three years. She is very musical, really enjoys music and plays beautifully herself. For the kids, she is a patient and clear teacher who has an incredible gift for matching the students with music that they love and can play well. This makes a huge difference enabling the students to enjoy listening to themselves play and enjoy making music. For parents, Mrs Martin is organized, stays on schedule and easy to work with. She stays focused solely on the student that she is teaching during the entire lesson, so that every child gets the most benefit possible from their time with her. In addition Mrs Martin encourages her students to participate in recitals, festivals and adjudicated events which brings the kids numerous life lessons.

Aura Carmi

Dear Elinor,

When we asked around if anyone knew of a good piano teacher, we were delighted to have two different families recommend you highly. For the past three years you have exceeded all of our expectations of a "good" piano teacher.

You are an excellent teacher, which is the most important ingredient in the learning process. After watching your technique, it is obvious that you are an expert in the field of music. Thirty years of teaching experience are evident in your ability to tailor your lesson to fit your student by choosing pieces that she likes and presenting the lesson in a clear and yet creative way. In addition, your ever cheerful, patient, and pleasant optimism create an atmosphere that is positive, relaxed, and reassuring.

Tess has progressed very quickly under your tutelage, and we are always very happy to hear her play the beautiful music that you have helped her master.

With sincere appreciation,
Chris and Connie Kokiousis

Learning the piano is a lifetime gift of art, culture, and emotion. Our two daughters, Kelly and Carly, spent over thirteen years studying with Mrs. Martin and to this day, our family benefits from this time well-spent. Music is a language that opens doors to rich experiences. Because of their musical training, our daughters have engaged in artistic pursuits throughout their adult lives such as composing songs/lyrics, performing in musical theatre, and learning additional instruments. Mrs. Martin trained our daughters in music theory, through participation in programs such as Certificate of Merit and Piano Guild. Importantly, our daughters also learned self-confidence through performance at recitals and local festivals. We can not imagine a kinder, more supportive instructor than Mrs. Martin and we recommend her highly to anyone seeking a life-long appreciation of music.

Jeff and Nancy Pippin

Testimonial for Elinor Martin:

My children, Jonathan and Maile have been students of Mrs. Martin's studio for 6 and 3 years respectively now. Both have gained so much more than music knowledge. They have a wider appreciation for arts in general. Music and art education helps to balance out their academic world. The ability to learn, memorize and perform their pieces also gives them a great deal of confidence and pride in themselves. There have been many pieces that though they have long been finished with them, they continue to return to them to play again every now and then. Many of the skills that they have learned in their piano lessons have applications far beyond the piano, and I believe will benefit them for the rest of their lives. I can say from personal experience that having the ability to read and play music is a great skill to have, even if one isn't a professional musician. When my husband and I decided it was time to find a piano teacher several years ago, I turned to what I felt would be a great source, my own former piano teacher, Elinor Martin!

Jennifer Kuo

I want to give my students the gift of music that they can enjoy for a lifetime.